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13th International Conference on Thinking – Norrkoping, Sweden and 14th International Conference on Thinking – Kuala Lumpur.

"I had the privilege of listening to an address given by Stefan at both of the aforementioned conferences.

In both of these addresses (Entrepreneurship -09) Stefan easily engaged his audience with his humour and wit.  Stefan is extremely knowledgeable in his field and delivers his address with an openness to his audience, engaging them at all times.

An excellent speaker who possesses the qualities of intelligence, practicality, engagement and humour."

Graeme Lind
Greenpark School
New Zealand


“A passport to Communication Practices,
Solna Sweden”

Brief Background:
Stefan Lindström was in the autumn approached, by the undersigned to come up with a suitable program for a half-day seminar in Communication Practices – simply for the reason that communication itself is complex enough, but especially when working in a high speed development environment, when cross border and cultural cooperation is a given.

Goal and Target Audience:
The goal of the seminar was to pinpoint communication practices, suggestions and solutions when communicating, as a mean to improve daily business efficiency. The target group of the seminar was Sweden Site Management, including Project Management Team.

Achievement and Result:
Stefan Lindström’s extraordinary ability to combine his outstanding entrepreneurial touch and presentational skills, with theoretical knowledge and industrial experience – resulted not only in a, Not-Soon-To-Forget seminar, but a real mind-opener and education in how and when to use certain means of communication media, and techniques - in order to achieve the desired result or outcome. Stefan’s profound ability to entertain the audience with real business scenarios and industrial examples, to which we clearly could relate to, made the seminar – besides extremely appreciated, to a true inspirational source for improving our way of communicating.

Thank you Stefan, for making this seminar on Communication Practices to a value-added day to remember … and to appreciate!

Anders G Skolleborg
Dep. Director of Development Siemens Medical.